niedziela, 22 kwietnia 2012

Flavoured moments

Strawberry mascarpone verrines for two
·         6 big, fresh strawberries
·         2 egg yolks
·         2 tablespoons caster sugar
·         250 g mascarpone cheese
·         1 cup Earl Grey tea
·         6 sponge finger biscuits
Beat the egg yolks with the sugar until pale. Fold in the mascarpone cheese partially and beat until incorporated. Cut 4 strawberries into small cubes, add to the mascarpone cream and stir gently.
Dip biscuits into the tea, to make them soft. In each verrine lay first part of biscuits and spread over a half of mascarpone mixture. Lay second part of biscuits and spread over the remaining mascarpone cream. Refrigerate for at least half hour. Before serving, garnish each verrine with 2 strawberries sliced thinly.

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Valentina pisze...

pleasant evening Mariohart! Write the recipe for this moment ... smile. Valentina